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Playing Project Diva

After my brother got back on Friday, i borrow his PSP and play the game and got addicted to it. Already complete the song till 100% now all that's left is getting Miku's costumes and unlock other character. I'm using Kagamine Rin though i wanna use Len too XD. Rin is my default character now. She's so cute >w<

Woa, only take like 1 day to finish the game..seriously i am addicted ==a

Too bad no songs for Rin and Len unless have to edit it by using Game Rhythm Editor.

Already unlock like more than 5 costumes for Miku
here's what i unlock so far

Miku's Costumes (there's 39 costumes need to unlock)

- Miko
- Snow
- White Dress
- Punk
- Gothic
- Heart Hunter
- Cheer
- Galaxy
- Space Channel 5
- Space Channel 39
- School
- P-Style Rose Pink
- Rin Style
- Meiko Style
- Pirate
- Vocal

Characters (total 8 characters need to unlock)
- Kagamine Rin
- Kagamine Len
- Megurine Luka
- Yowane Haku

there's even an items or room need to unlock too. Here's what its like in room

Now i'm gonna put this game into my Project for Game info XD


I think i get the hang of it, after my last work of painting it looks even better after i done something that make me easier to paint. Still i have long way to go to paint an art that involves background.

Uhh...i dunno should i record back all those recording? Like Kokoro, Love is War and World is Mine.. I really have no private time to record all those again. Except at my hometown i can sing alone with no one to disturb me :/ I'll try again until i can record better. Was hoping to let someone listen to me singing Rin Rin Signal ==a

World is Mine (Nami version) [This is old one, i even put the link at Deviantart]

World is Mine (Rin and Nami version)


Kokoro (Nami version)

I can't stop here, i have to try until i can get better XD
I dunno why i sing Meltdown again and again, probably wanna fix some part, when my friend hear it she laugh and said its weird but she like it XD

Oh! I'll be back to my hometown on 3rd September. I miss my hometown XD