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Lots of UTAU songs

I must be insane for doing too much of UTAU songs this week orz
The first was Toeto and then Melt.
Now i'm working with 2 songs, Dear You and Migikata no Chou (Butterfly on right shoulder)

Those 2 vids can be found at Nami's blog

I still got many pending arts that need to be done before next month >_<

Utaune Nami, my very own first UTAU has been released

Yep, my own UTAU. Wokrs very much like VOCALOID but UTAU is like can use our own voice to make it more android lol. Nami even got her own blog. You can visit it here and there's a link to download her voicebank. And yea, there's a bit off with the word a bit. I'm happy XDD

Today at Comic Fiesta

I was on my way to go there. I saw a guy running from a man with a gun. It was a police chasing him. Its my first time seeing something like that happen in front of my eyes. The later, an accident. So much things happen in a day.

Sunway Piramid is really big place. It was my 2nd time going to the place and i get lost easily so i ask Lily nee-chan about the place. I go to the place but i already pass it lol it makes me go to 2nd floor back and going round. *my legs hurts* Consider that i;m lost orz|||

After me and my bro arrived at the place, the first cosplayer i saw was Naruto. After bought 2 tickets we're going inside and saw lots of cosplayer and people. But what caught my attention was VOCALOID cosplayers

There's too many cosplayers, art booth, figures booth (RIN AND LEN NENDOROIDS!!!) and some from other university, there's even a booth selling intuous wacom tablet. *wish i could buy new one* Oh! And nendoroids!! I want Rin and Len DX

There's one booth..all Vocaloid cosplayers were a GUY!!! my gawd!! but i heard they all were talking in Japanese O_o

I bought Black Rock Shooter art!! Big size lol, just RM10.

And I visit Lily nee-chan's booth, Dark Cresent, to claim the art XD. Its so cute!!! Worth commish lol And i bought another art from Xanseviera, Black and White from her comic, Fairy God Brothers. o3o

I bought Rin and Len arts, pins and bookmarks XD

Wish i could buy more lol. I was thinking to cosplay too and my mom already give me a permission XD
I'm gonna make Rin costume, maybe for next year.
All cosplayer contestant make a scene at the stage. I saw 3 people cosplay as Len, Kaito and Gakupo from Imitation Black song. I kinda laugh with what they're doing XD I heard someone sang Meltdown and then the song changed into Magnet lol and Len is trying to sing SPICE but someone stop him from doing it and lastly they dance Hare Hare Yukai XD

After that, there's performance by Vampire Knight Cosplayer. After they were like talking about blood tablet, i laugh a lot and then suddenly they use twilight dialog LOL. The guy says "Idiot Twilight fans, this isnt TWILIGHT!!" XDD

I took a pic with one of my friends from High School. She's coplay as Rikku from Final Fantasy X. XD I miss her >w<

I guess that's all. Dunno what i should type here. there's more tomorrow but i wont go because its too far from my home.

Comic Fiesta and UTAU

Finally its almost the day!! Comic Fiesta will be held at :

Date : 19th - 20th December 2009
Venue : Sunway Piramid (not sure which floor)
Time : 10:00 AM - 7:30AM
Tickets : 1 day - RM15
2 days - RM30

I can only go on Saturday since its too far from my home. My mom will take the day off on that day just to send me but she can go somewhere at Sunway Piramid while i go to the event XD
I can't wait to claim a sketch from Lily-nee chan! >w<

About UTAU, its the same program as VOCALOID but the difference is we can make our own just like VOCALOID. I want to make my vocaself, Utaune Nami as one of UTAU. I already start recording for each hiragana but i only record a bit since its too many lol. After record a bit, i tried and her voice almost like Miku! o_o
I should change some parts a bit lol

I upload one of my Rin and Len art at Piapro site.

Rin_Len powerd by ピアプロ

and one person use it for his vid cover here at NicoNico site

surprising really, got a mail about the video. Japanese people really know about credit. Even with many arts he still give credits to each artist who drew the art. Not like some people...

Twilight New Moon and others

Havent update my blog lately. I finish with my last paper and on sem break for 1 month.

I watch Twilight today at KLCC with my best friend Yuu-chan~. I like Edward and Bella XD. I dunno what to say for this 2nd movie of Twilight, its kinda ok and many scene of WereWolf. The ending was like in the middle of conversation! I Can't wait to watch the 3rd movie of it and wish they would hurry up making the movie >_<

Oh well, at least i can read the novel. Thanks to Yuu-chan fo the PDF file of it and also the 2nd book that i bought from her XD.

Oh yea, Hika and his family from Indonesia came to KL on Friday afternoon and stayed at one of the hotel that's near with my place. I got to meet him at Kinokuniya today XD. And i'm weird with one thing..why a people who first met me have to measure their height with mine? I'know i'm short but dont compare me like that lol. And he's happy that he bought Clannad's Illustration book XD

At Kinokuniya, i found Hatsune Mix manga vol 1. I was like thinking should i buy it or not because there's only 1 of it so its limited. I buy it anyway at least there's an Illustration. I'm more of Kagamine Rin and Len fan so i would like to collect anything that related to them. I'm not really much liking Miku. I'm only like her song.

Geram sgt

Now that i know about some people... sometimes they talk to me and then after i replied to them..they just dont wanna say anything. Hey, even dont talk thru YM, Chatbox or anything at least leave a message is ok right? I dont get it how they understand people.

Nampak ada betulnya apa yg kawan aku ckpkan..diorg cam gunakan aku utk amik perhatian aku..sesetgh tu ada la, gembira bila aku takde boleh la die tarik kwn aku, gi kat pihak die. Aku mmg tak puas hati. Sabar jer la... nak amik kwn aku amik la..aku tak kisah sbb aku tau diri aku ni siapa sebenarnya. Aku just tunggu sajer..tgk apa akan jadi.

Ada bayak sgt yg aku tak puas hati tapi aku tak tau nak critakan camner lagi. Sedih bila tak dpt YM ngan aku la, rindu sbb dah lama tak ckp ngan aku, sampaikan ada yg nak putus kwn...knp? aku ada buat silap ke? Cuba la pikir apa yg korg buat ni... jgn asyik pikirkan diri sendiri.. cuba ko pikir apa yg org len rasa... ni la seksanya berkawan di dunia internet..... dh lama tak berbual, putus kwn... cuba bgtau aku..apa itu kawan? Mcm mana korg mendefinisikan apa itu kawan?

aku tau pendpt org len semua berbeza tapi... knp aku jer yg tanggung semua ni? Walaupun kerje aku banyak aku still lagi sembang dgn diorg sbb tak nak lukakan hati diorg.. bila dah sembang, hati sapa plak terluka kali ni ha? Tapi aku senyap gak....


Hmm..sajer nak tukar template utk blog ni. Nama blog pun dah ubah. Skang ni dah pukul 3:33 AM, tak tido lagi..susah betul. Dah la lupa nak betulkan coding, hari ni dah dead line. Mcm mcm hal berlaku sampaikan saling benci membenci. Ntah la apa nak jadi skang ni. Final pun dah dekat, projek melambak tak siap lagi. Group lak bermasalah (tapi skang ni dah selesai dah agaknya).

Skang ni apa saja yg aku luahkan tak kira la kat mana, dimana..mesti ada jer yg nak menjawab. Aku dah tak cam dulu, yg suka layan org. Skang ni dah kena serius skit, keje melambak, penat tapi ada ke org nak faham apa yg aku rasa? STRESS SGT. Aku dah malas nak layan org. Bila layan jer mesti ada benda yg tak kena. Sbb itulah aku slalu duk lepak ngan bebudak kolej. Skarang ni aku kena pikir sem depan nak duk luar, kena buat surat la itu la. Aku perlu luahkan apa yg aku rasa skarang ni. Tak kira apa yg aku katakan ni, kalau org tu terasa biarkan ajer. Aku jarang citerkan kat kwn segala masalah aku sbb aku ni susah skit.

Heh, ingatkan nak lupakan segala masalah yg dah lepas tapi ada gak yg cuba membawanya kembali... apa yg perlu aku fikirkan adalah waktu sekarang..yg lepas tu lepas jer la bak kata "Buang yg keruh ambil yg jernih" <-- betul ke ayat ni? hahaa *fail BM*
Kata kwn, aku perlu buka buku baru, mulakan cerita, aku akan cuba tapi kalau dah start cerita lama mcm mana nak buka baru? terus terang aku ckp aku dah penat dgr cerita lama. Skarang ni aku mungkin dah mula bersosial sedikit.

Dah la, skang ni nak sambung keje

Hatsune Miku - EAGER LOVE REVENGE Remix Album

OMG! GOTTA GET THIS ALBUM! Even though i'm not really a fan of Hatsune Miku, but i totally love the song!!!

1:恋は戦争1M MIX ryo(supercell)
2:恋は戦争 R184mm remix ゆうゆ
3:恋は戦争 future retro remix kz(livetune)
4:恋は戦争 SignaRemix Dios/Signal(twinkledisc)
5:恋は戦争 NTMG MIX baker
6:恋は戦争 40m MIX 40mP
7:恋は戦争 恋は幻想mix kiichi
8:恋は戦争 恋は戦mix DECO*27
9:恋は戦争 agressif mix 林檎

Its a collaboration between various composers


Playing Project Diva

After my brother got back on Friday, i borrow his PSP and play the game and got addicted to it. Already complete the song till 100% now all that's left is getting Miku's costumes and unlock other character. I'm using Kagamine Rin though i wanna use Len too XD. Rin is my default character now. She's so cute >w<

Woa, only take like 1 day to finish the game..seriously i am addicted ==a

Too bad no songs for Rin and Len unless have to edit it by using Game Rhythm Editor.

Already unlock like more than 5 costumes for Miku
here's what i unlock so far

Miku's Costumes (there's 39 costumes need to unlock)

- Miko
- Snow
- White Dress
- Punk
- Gothic
- Heart Hunter
- Cheer
- Galaxy
- Space Channel 5
- Space Channel 39
- School
- P-Style Rose Pink
- Rin Style
- Meiko Style
- Pirate
- Vocal

Characters (total 8 characters need to unlock)
- Kagamine Rin
- Kagamine Len
- Megurine Luka
- Yowane Haku

there's even an items or room need to unlock too. Here's what its like in room

Now i'm gonna put this game into my Project for Game info XD


I think i get the hang of it, after my last work of painting it looks even better after i done something that make me easier to paint. Still i have long way to go to paint an art that involves background.

Uhh...i dunno should i record back all those recording? Like Kokoro, Love is War and World is Mine.. I really have no private time to record all those again. Except at my hometown i can sing alone with no one to disturb me :/ I'll try again until i can record better. Was hoping to let someone listen to me singing Rin Rin Signal ==a

World is Mine (Nami version) [This is old one, i even put the link at Deviantart]

World is Mine (Rin and Nami version)


Kokoro (Nami version)

I can't stop here, i have to try until i can get better XD
I dunno why i sing Meltdown again and again, probably wanna fix some part, when my friend hear it she laugh and said its weird but she like it XD

Oh! I'll be back to my hometown on 3rd September. I miss my hometown XD

already a week

Old Paint

Already a week for fasting, i feel like i'm tired a lot. Dunno what i did, not even an activity. But sometimes i feel not well during those days. Nothing bad happen for now. Hope i can go back to my hometown and visit my family next week. I miss my mom's cooking though ==a

Lately i got many ideas, inspired by Vocaloid songs the most and i still have to record "World is Mine" again XD. For "Meltdown" i still need to practice to control my high voice ==a. Even though its fun to sing, especially "Love is War", "Melt", "Soundless Voice", "Rin Rin Signal" (still need to figure how to sing for Len's part), "Iroha Uta" and many more XDD after i watch a vid of "Just Be Friends" sung by Megurine Luka, i feel like wanna use Adobe Illustrator and give it a try.

Butterfly on Right Shoulder

I like the song though XD
The song was a mix

Japanese Lyric
Rin version for the lyric

migikata ni murasaki chocho
kiss wo shita kono heya no sumi de
setsunai to iu kanjo wo shiru
hibiku piano fukyo waon

migikata ni murasaki chocho
kiss wo shita kono heya no sumi de
setsunai to iu kanjo wo shiru
hibiku piano fukyo waon

warui yume ni unasareta watashi wo hayaku okoshite
donna koto demo hajimari wa sasai na koto desho?
dokoga ika nante kikare temo komaru
kirei na yoru ni madowasareta mama yukue fumei dakara
nagai matsuge mikazuki eyeline
mabuta ni nosete hikaru lip

migikata ni murasaki chocho
kiss wo shita kono heya no sumi de
setsunai to iu kanjo wo shiru
hibiku piano fukyo waon

ame no naka de nureta kami ga ijo ni tsumetakute
samishisa wo toire ni haki dashite furuete matteru
oikakete wa nigeru kara sore ijo de kaeshite
shinken dakara warau to itai me ni auyo i?
akai tsume to yasumono no yubiwa
kizu tuku tabi fueru piasu

daki yosete yuganda karada umerunowa anata shika inai
so desho? wakatteru kuse ni kyokai sen tokkuni koeteru
kokai wa shinu hodo shiteru sono bun dake kaikan wo yobi samasu
kurui dashita watashi wo tomete isshun de raku ni shiteyo

daki yosete yuganda karada umerunowa anata shika inai
so desho? wakatteru kuse ni kyokai sen tokkuni koeteru
kokai wa shinu hodo shiteru sono bun dake kaikan wo yobi samasu
kurui dashita watashi wo tomete isshun de raku ni shiteyo

migikata ni murasaki chocho
kiss wo shita kono heya no sumi de
setsunai to iu kanjo wo shiru
hibiku piano fukyo waon


Your right shoulder had a purple butterfly
The corner of the room is where we had kissed
I learned what it's like to have feelings of pain
A piano echoes, trapped inside my head

Your right shoulder had a purple butterfly
The corner of the room is where we had kissed
I learned what it's like to have feelings of pain
A piano echoes, trapped inside my head

Hurry and please wake me up right now because I'm having a nightmare again
First impressions and early things like that are really only trivial, right?
If you asked me where I want to go, then I wouldn't be able to answer you
The night was too impressive for me, so it dazzled me and now I've lost my way
Doing all I can, making my eyelashes long
Wearing eyeliner and then my lips will glitter

Your right shoulder had a purple butterfly
The corner of the room is where we had kissed
I learned what it's like to have feelings of pain
A piano echoes, trapped inside my head

Aren't I right? Why is it so hard? Annoying.. Why is it so hard?

Your right shoulder had a purple butterfly
The corner of the room is where we had kissed
I learned what it's like to have feelings of pain
A piano echoes, trapped inside my head

I was standing there out in the rain, my hair seemed frozen and strange in the cold
My loneliness went down the drain while I was shivering and waiting here for you
When I follow you and then run away, it means that I want you to follow me as well
If you think that I'm kidding around, then you'll end up hurt, do you understand?
Painting my nails red and wearing a two-bit ring
Everytime that I get hurt, I get new earrings

Hold me 'cause I have a black hole inside me
You're the only one who can make it disappear for good
Aren't you the one? You know that you are
Making me lose control, I can't help it

I want to die now from all of my regrets
Which do I have more of, my self-pity or my pleasures?
Make it all stop now or I'll end up crazy
Give me one moment of knowing I can be at ease

Hold me 'cause I have a black hole inside me
You're the only one who can make it disappear for good
Aren't you the one? You know that you are
Making me lose control, I can't help it

I want to die now from all of my regrets
Which do I have more of, my self-pity or my pleasures?
Make it all stop now or I'll end up crazy
Give me one moment of knowing I can be at ease

Your right shoulder had a purple butterfly
The corner of the room is where we had kissed
I learned what it's like to have feelings of pain
A piano echoes, trapped inside my head

Operator Shooting Star

The site already up. Can't wait to see more of it! I saw a crossover of it. Check more here Rockman EXE Operator Shooting Star

Busy Busy Busy!!

Too much projects for this sem though! Even i have time for drawing but still after draw something it makes me kinda lazy to finish them :/

There's a club meeting today, i joined "Graphic and Photography club" and my lecturer want me to be the Treasurer for the club..what surprising me is...why most Junior support me? ==a

Now on to the project, need to design a web site, since i'm the graphic designer. Will be tough for me.

I feel like i'm still lack in drawing, something... when look at other friends arts it makes me feel kinda down for not doing any better... Something inside of me is missing i guess... I have been changing much and not really cheerful lately. But most of my friends trying their best to cheer me up, but still, dunno what's wrong with me. Kinda spacing out a lot and thinking too much about other things *sigh* Maybe i kinda stress with too much things.

Penyakit H1N1...

2 adik lelaki aku, sekolahnya ditutup seminggu disebabkan kes tu. Adik adik aku mungkin terkena , sejak smalam adik ketiga aku call, katanya die tak brapa sihat, batuk, selsema n demam, nak gi klinik. Jadi aku call mak aku suruh die bwkkan adik aku gi klinik, malam tu dah gi check, doktor tu lak suruh bwk gi check up kat hospital lak. Kena Quarantine la jawabnya. Yg adik kedua aku tu tak gi check. Risau la gak, aku baru jer call die suruh die buat check up hari ni gak. Suara die mmg betul dah lain, tapi die degil jugak kata dah baik. Mmg betul betul risau sgt ngan diorg berdua. Harap harap tak brapa serius sgt.

Video di bawah takde kena mengena ngan post ni ye

Song Title : Meltdown
Artist : Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid 2)
Title design:Sirow Miwa
Clothes design of child Rin:URAHANABI

Entah la

apa la nak jadi skarang ni.. mcm mcm hal berlaku kat kolej. Harap segala masalah dpt diselesaikan dgn aman, takde yg bermusuh musuhan lagi sampai tak tegur sapa. Duk kat asrama baru cam, nak kata selesa pun tak gak. Guna boradband online kat situ pun masalah, skarang ni dah ada wifi tapi kwn ckp connection tak brapa clear. ye la kan, ramai bebudak guna mana tak nya...

Aku rasa cam tak brapa pasti, nak kata sakit tak gak. Aku rasa lain mcm. Tak brapa selesa kot. Apa saja masalah yg aku ada, aku cuba lupakan jer, buat tak tau. Rasa cam nak layan jer cerita yg ada skarang ni, nak main game lak, DS takde, laptop jer la temanku pd masa ku keseorgn. Aku ni jenis yg jarang skit nak bergaul ngan org lain. Buat hal sendirir jer. Bukan nak kata tak nak berkwn, masalahnya aku tak reti nak berbual. Ye la, aku ni kan lain, tak mcm bebudak remaja yg biasa berckp hal hal diorg, gosip la, tu la, ni la. Takde, aku tak pernah buat camtu.

meh tgk video ni

watch it untill the end

Forgot to post

yea i should have post something after back from KLCC but due to too tired i didnt ;_;

on 26th June was going out with Yuu-chan to watch movie and also lend her my "Ghost Town" movie. And she give me a "Misora Card" which i have been waiting XDD and a movie she burn for me, "Harry Potter : Order of Phoniex", "Chronicles of narnia : Prince Caspian", "Inkheart", "She's the man" and "Twilight". Going to watch a movie "Tansformer 2 :Revenge of the Fallen". ITS SO COOL WITH TRANSFORM THINGY XD Its show PG13, while watching it now i know why anyway ==a. After watching going to Kinokuniya again at Stationary section, i thought i could find a sketch book but what i saw is Shugo Chara coloring book and paper doll and i bought it . (Yes, i'm a little girl anwyay lol)

Parallel Hearts lyrics

opening : Parallel Hearts
by FictionJunction

bokura wa
mirai o kaeru chikara o
yume ni miteta

noizu no naka kikoete kita kimi no nakigoe
waratte ita boku no yowasa o abaita

kimi no yuku michi wa kimi ni shika wakaranai
chigau sora oikakete

bokura wa mirai e mukau yuuki o
hoshigatte kako ni mayou
kimi ga warau hontou no
ima e kaeritsuku made

kimi no koto o shiritai to omotte hajimete
yorisoenai kokoro no kyori ni obieta

wakariaenai to wakatta sore dake de
futari ga hajimatte yuku

namida mo itami mo subete dakishimete agetai kedo
hashireba hashiru hodo tooku naru ki ga shite fuan ni naru
doko made yukeba ii no

noizu no naka kikoete kuru kimi no utagoe
nakushite ita boku no sugata ga ima mieru yo

hitori de yuku hazu datta mirai o
kaeru chikara o kudasai
kimi ga warau sore dake de
takaku toberu

bokura wa kokoro o tsunagu yuuki o
hoshigatte ai ni mayou
kimi to warau hontou no
boku ni kaeritsuku made


Saw the power to change the future
In our dream

In the midst of the noise, I heard your cry
It exposed my weakness as I was laughing

The road that you go on is only known to you
So chase after a different sky

We desire the courage to face toward the future
So we get lost in the past
Until I return to the true present
Where you laugh

Thinking that I want to learn about you, for the first time
I was daunted by the distance between our hearts that can’t come together

We understood that we couldn’t understand each other, so with just that
We’re starting

I want to embrace your tears, pains, and everything
But I feel that the more I run, the farther I become from you and I get worried
Where should I go…?

In the midst of the noise, I hear your singing
Now I can see my form that I’d lost

Please give me the power to change
The future that I would’ve gone through by myself
You laugh, and with just that
I can fly high

We desire the courage to connect hearts
So we get lost in love
Until I return to my true self
That laughs with you

Nothing much..just got addicted with its song and lyrics

Hari Keluarga Polis DiRaja Malaysia

Hari ni ada hari keluarga utk warga polis di Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. Cam biasa la, aku ni kan selalu bangun lewat..tetiba je ayah call katanya nak bawak gi sana. Kat sana mmg mcm mcm ada tapi ye la kan..dah dekat tgh hari takde la meriah mana pun tapi ada satu tempat yg agak menarik perhatian. Pameran. Ada banyak bahagian la tak silap aku.. dlm 6 camtu kot.

Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah

Bahagian Forensik
Ada banyak lagi yg dipamerkan cam mayat org kena pengal dari belakang, bunuh diri..mcm mcm lagi la..tapi ni jer yg aku dpt.

Bahagian Senjata.
Hahaa..aku dpt la merasa memegang senapang...berat gak la

Tu jer...tak banyak sgt aku amik.

Tag - 100 truth

Saje je nak wat tag ni
Dari Nazrul

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 100 Truths about you.

1. Last beverage: Mc D Lunch time
2. Last phone call: Ayah
3. Last text message: Ayah
4. Last song you listened to: Saigo no Kanjitsu (Tsubasa Chronicle)
5. Last time you cried: Not remember

6. Dated someone twice: Nope
7. Been cheated on: Yea
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: No
9. Lost someone special: Yes....
10. Been depressed: Sometimes..
11. Been drunk and threw up: this is stupid

12. reddish pink
13. black
14. white

15. Made a new friend: Yep
16. Fallen out of love: Nope
17. Laughed until you cried: Yep XD
18. Met someone who changed you: Yea
19. Found out who your true friends were: yea
20. Found out someone was talking about you: i knew but no need to talk about it
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: nope O_oa
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: some
23. How many kids do you want?: 1 boy and girl
24. Do you have any pets: Yep~ Cats and Iguana~
25. Do you want to change your name: Not gonna change it. My parents name me and i appreciate it
26. What did you do for your last birthday: puasa hahahaa
27. What time did you wake up today: around 9 AM
28. What were you doing at midnight: Chatting with friends and finishing the art
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: MISORA CARD!!!
30. Last time you saw your Mother: a few minutes ago
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Being strong and not always depends on others
32. What are you listening to right now : Hountou no jibun!
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Nope. Who's that? O.o
34. What's getting on your nerves right now: oh..some friends know what it is right now...
35. Most visited webpage: Deviantart. TRUE, Pixiv, my blog
36. Whats your real name: Nurun Najwah Binti Isham
37. Nicknames: Nurun, Najwah, Naj, Jua, teddy, Nami, Nurun-run (lol)
38. Relationship Status: Single~
39. Zodiac sign: Virgo
40. Male or female?: lol its female XD
41. Primary school: sekolah kebangsaan convent jalan peel
42. Secondary school: seklah menengah convent jalan peel
43. High school/college/university?

: kolej poly-tech mara ipoh
44. Hair color: black
45. Long or short: short right now
46. Height: 159/160
47. Do you have a crush on someone? : Nope
48: What do you like about yourself?: Dunno
49. Piercings: earing~
51. Righty or lefty: Righty~

52. First surgery: never had one
53. First piercing: when i was 4 - 7 years old
54. First best friend: 6 years old
55. First sport you joined: Badminton
56. First vacation: Port Dickson
58. First pair of trainers: not remember

59. Eating: nope
60. Drinking: nope
61. I'm about to: drawing
62. Listening to: Hishoku no Sora
63. Waiting on: finishing this tag

64. What kids?: cute~
65. Get Married?: yea
66. Career?: an illustrator or character designer

67. Lips or eyes: eyes
68. Hugs or kisses: both
69. Shorter or taller: taller
70. Older or Younger: any
71. Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: both
73. Sensitive or loud: sensitive
74. Hook-up or relationship: relationship?
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: dunno

76. Kissed a stranger: lol nope
77. Drank hard liquor: what the heck?
78. Lost glasses/contacts: not wearing any glasses
79. Sex on first date: OMG perbuatan terkutuk skali!
80. Broken someone's heart: dunno...even if i did, i'm not really mean it
82. Been arrested: no
83. Turned someone down: i did
84. Cried when someone died: yes
85. Fallen for a friend?: maybe

86. Yourself: yes!
87. Miracles: sometimes
88. Love at first sight: yea..
89. Heaven: yes!
90. Santa Claus: huh?
91. Kiss on the first date: nope
92. Angels: yes..but in islamic`s way.. (like what Naz said)

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: never
95. Did you sing today?: yea
96. Ever cheated on somebody?: i guess?
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?: during SPM, regret for taking add math -__-
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?: eh?
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?: not afraid
100. Posting this as 100 truths?: yea

I kinda bored so i do this tag

I dont know...

Why people or even friends always asking for a request from me? I didn't even put like i accept any request or what. Did they think i have work or even tired? or even there might be a family problem? Nope. They think i'm too good that i can even finish it on time. Its not really easy to finish it because it needs time and ideas...

I'm tired from being too easy on them... I just hope i can relax more

Aquaria KLCC

Going out with my bro and cousin. We sure having a lot of fun there. XD

Starfish XDD
That's my bro's hand

Electric Eel, they even put like warn High Voltage at its glasses

i forgot, is this stingray?

Piranha XD

Its really big.. even my bro said a big eater could not even finish eat it or maybe they can?

This kinda rare. Looks like from Dinosaur age

Long neck turtle XDD

There's many more things but i guess those pictures is enough. I got to hold a big Iguana and a snake XD
I have Iguana at home and its small. The one i hold is kinda big and its like need 6 years to grow that big.

Tag - Music

From Nazrul

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
5. Tag 10 friends.
6. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
7. Have Fun!

= Shugo! Shugo!

= Fuwa Fuwa Time!

= Renai Raider

= Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

= Tsuki no Shijima

= Hirari

= Cagayake! Girls!

= Being

= Saigo no Kanjitsu

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
= Heart Wave

= Kioku no Mori (Forest of Memories)

= Utsumemi

= Chara Nari! Amulet Clover! (LOLz)

= Gouing! Going! Mysoul!

= Hishoku no Sora

= Heartful Song (omg lol)

= Tsubasa o Kudasai

= Dont Say "Lazy"

= Open Heart

= Chara Nari! Amulet Spade!

= Hontou no Jibun (True self)

= Kizuna Wave (Bond Wave)

Some of them are not making sense lol
Dunno if i should tag someone so i tag my friends who have a blog and reading this XD

Battle Black Box

Yea, i bought it! And i got a Crimson Dragon card though XD and heck! There is Harp Note card!!
DX but to get it must be through the noise *sigh* Oh well, i bought it at KLCC with Yuu-chan XD
I sure buy a lot. TSUBASA SHUNRAIKI 2 OVA!!!! FINALLY XD And the other title i bought is "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "Ghost Town". Well, that's it ==a

RnR Official Guide Book

Seriously why i collect RnR related lately? lol I even ask Yuu~chan to order Misora card for me. XD
Gonna buy "Battle Black Box" too or RnR 2 Guide Book

on 21th May, going out to KLCC with my friend, Yuu~chan and my little bro to go watch a movie "Night at the Museum 2". Seriously i laugh, its so damn funny lol I love the little guy fighting XDDD I cant stop laughing now XDDD

hahaa havent go watch a movie with my friends since my last time here but now its sem break so i guess i can go out anywhere but....part time job T_T (Monday till Friday)

on 22th May, I got my first salary lol XD. I was like yesterday i'm broke and now i'm not XDD Really hope to wait for any news regarding the card from my friend. Soooooo excited XDD

on 23th May, Go back to Melaka to send my little bro back, since he is healthy now so he have to go to school back. *sigh* He play Pokemon Platinum all day and my mom mad ==;; But damn, the kid who bully my little bro is not there *sigh* Wish i can teach them a lesson for throwing my little bro into the fish pond. Oh well, if it happens again, my mom will call the police. Hope he can study well there and no bullying or else....

Result for Sem 3

While i was working, my friend send me a msg to my phone and told me that the result already out. I was kinda nervous and ask her to check for me. She said i got 2.80 for GPA and I pass. Alhamdullilah. Was really afraid that i might fail Accounting.

The results :

Digital Audio and Video (DAV) : B
Digital Animation (DA) : B-
Publishing on The World Wide Web (PWWW) : B
Communication Skills 2 (CS2) : B-
Fundamental of Accounting (FOA) : B-

All B == ;
Really worth for sleeping really late or not even sleep XDD
I must say...Thanks bro for helping me in studying ^^


Got tag by one of my seniors. hahaha..nak tengok teddy guna BM kan? ok la XD

Tag from Nazrul :

- Tiket penerbangan ke Jepun dan Australia
- PS2 (saje je..dah ada nak lagi), Nintendo Wii
- Branded Drawing Pen and Copic Markers
- New Laptop (hehee)
- RAHSIA (tak boleh bagitau >_<)

- Tak tidur hampir 2 hari .__.
- Sketch lebih dari 10 page dalam 1 hari
- Buat lawak bodoh depan kawan...saje nak happy kan mereka
- Online hampir 10 jam dengan laptop yang tak boleh tahan panas ==;;;
- Hampir terjatuh dari tangga(Hahahaa..)

- Diriku
- Keluargaku
- Kawan kawanku (tak kira real atau online)
- Bakat terpendam...
- Laptop =D hahahaaa

- Orang yang degil dan tak faham tentang orang lain
- Nak beli barang yang diimpikan tapi tak dapat ;(
- Peperangan
- Kekotoran alam sekitar D:

-entah la...dalam list teddy tak ramai yang faham bahasa melayu *swt*

Tag seterusnya..

-Saje je..kalau ada benda yang nak dikongsikan dengan rakan lain..tempat untuk meluahkan perasaan

- Perlu ke sampai 5? o_o Aku check yang latest je

-Hmm...tak perlu, bukannya penting pun...yang penting die orang
follow, hahahaa

- Cukup la dengan apa yang berlaku dalam hidupku... Susah nak cari orang yang betul betul terima dengan diri kita yang serba kekurangan dan kelebihan yang ada... Jodoh hanya Tuhan yang tahu... Single lagi ok...

- Single....boleh buat sesuka hati kita jer..

- Tak pernah, masa time sekolah tak pernah teringin nak bercinta

- Kita suka tentu ada sebabnya kenapa, ciri ciri tak penting. yang penting kita sayang sangat kat die, sanggup terima kekurangan dalam diri kita. Yang penting hati dan bukannya rupa..

- Hmm..tak tentu...dah berjaya dalam hidup nanti baru fikirkan..tapi dalam umur 25 lebih la

- Tak kahwin lagi tapi dah fikir pasal anak o__o;;
sekurang kurangnya 2 cahaya mata ok la..lelaki dan perempuan

- Sesiapa yang nak buat tag ni

3rd tag...

Nama penuh anda ikut IC?
- Nurun Najwah Binti Isham

Umur anda sekarang ikut tahun?
- 20 tahun dah

Anda ada handphone? Jenis apa?
- Dua. Motorola L7 dan Sony Ericsson W910i

Anda pakai prepaid ke postpaid? Kenapa?
- Prepaid..senang skit...kalau dah habis, boleh tunggu. Kalau pakai postpaid, payah la nak bayar bil tertunggak

Rangakain apa yang anda guna? (Celcom,DiGi,Maxis)
- Celcom dan Maxis (jarang sangat guna)

Anda ada menyimpan no.hp sendiri dalam phonelist anda? Jika ada,nama apa yang anda letak?
- Ada. Rumiko / Namine

Nama pertama dalam phonelist anda siapa?
- Ayah..senang sikit nak call..hahaa

Dan nama terakhir pula siapa?
- Zairuz (kawan sekelas)

Phonelist anda akan bertambah senarai nama,berapa kali?
- Tak menentu

Kali terakhir anda menambah nama dalam phonelist tersebut bila?
- Semalam, namanya "orang gila". Sebab die la Mak dan Ayah aku bergaduh...(tapi setakat ni tak serius lagi)

Ok, Dah habis jawab dah

Japanese name - Nurun Najwah

I saw one of my senior's blog putting it so why not i make one too? Though it still the same hahahaa...

My authentic japanese name is 井上 Inoue (upon a well) 久美子 Kumiko (eternal beautiful child).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Something that happen last night..

Or should i say early in the morning?

I dont get it....i'm trying to help my friend to keep doing her best in art things but why must be something that's making it worse? I'm willing to sacrifice anything just not to break any friendship... I'm might be stupid to do so but that's the way i am. With my talent I AM NOT AT THE TOP STAIRS. I'M JUST THE BETWEEN. NO ONE EVER TRYING TO UNDERSTAND ME. NO ONE!!! I don't know, i'm quite mad and sad when i think about it... Whenever talk about arts, i'm always taking it seriously... but i'm glad that there is some of my friends in real life understands me... but i'm always making them worried about me.. I'm sorry... What's more, its my hobby, i know its common to feel jealous but that's what makes me the way i am today. I tried my very best starting from the bottom... I have gone through so many hard things... jealousy, comparison and all. I really hope, my friends who trying their best in arts, not ever give up in everything and i'm willing to help. That's what friends always do no matter what happen.
Cyber world and Real world, they can be connected in some ways, what happen since a few days ago really effect me in real life...

*sigh* It took 13 years for me to get better.. I'f i'm "seal" away my talent...guess it will took for about 1 year or 2 to get it back.... its pain... I would have to blame someone for that..

Hahaa... what am I talking about? I already promise to someone not to "seal" it and others who have support me this far... Mom, dad and friends.....thanks... I will try to achieve my own goal someday...

Ryuusei no Rockman Officil Work!

Exam finish and today my friend want me to go to KLCC with her, she wanna take her order at Kinokuniya Japanese section. While walking i saw Ryuusei no Rockman Official Works. I decided to buy it XD

there's too many awesome works in there. Wish i can scan them all but it might make the book dirty ==a
Gonna aim for Persona 4 or ToraDora! official art book next!

Accounting paper

I studying accounting for like starting at 12 midnight, I'm trying to do the exercise but later then i can't do it and can't even remember its formula. I can't remember how to do it. I try to call my friend and then i cried later because i feel like i can't do it. Because i don't have anyone to study with and thus i feel scared if i can't do it. I losing myself but then my friend wants me to be calm and thinking how to solve it. Try to do the easy part. I was stressed up and my head hurts. I try to solve it calmly and ask him many things that i don't remember. After thinking that maybe i can try to answer the paper later, i trying to rest for like 1 hour. But i can't sleep and i sleep for about 10 minutes.

Paper start at 9 AM. I was like nervous, what if the question was too hard and i can't answer it?
I just walk in the hall and trying to think back the formula and everything i have learned so far.

Emm...well, i just do the hard way first starting with part B. I can answer some questions confidently and its balance (but somehow the question was the same and i didn't get balance). After done answering, i submit it early. Didn't expect that the paper was the same from last year -__-;;


Lately i have been sleeping really late because i'm helping my friend's with his work. I kinda feel bad for him though, he has been working alone in 2 groups for 2 subjects. Most of his friends didn't help him. It must be tough for him, so i volunteer myself to help him as an artist for his animation group. I have been working much and have less sleep. All projects are really important to us, the marks that we get for the projects will be add up with the final.

Now why i ask him to be my adopted brother...i have been wondering myself for that...

I feel sleepy now...i need more rest.....

I feel pain....

After break up with my boyfriend...i don't know what i have to do...i just cried and try to accept the truth...

later at night when i join the cb back, i still can feel pain...

and after i'm off from of my best friends confess to me...on YM then off...

It's really hurts me so much.... I don't know what to do except i should just leave both of them alone.....

Yesterday and Today's entry

I forgot to post about yesterday entry but i was too tired and too busy finishing the art and Pwww Documentation.

Yesterday Entry - 19 July 2009

I sleep really late, and woke up around 7. Class starts at 9:00 AM. There's quiz and i haven't read any yet so i just try to memorize some. At least i can answer a bit rather than leave it blank. Class end early so i just rush to the next room to donate my blood. Kinda early, i was a 2nd person there.

After fill in the form that they gave me i go to the table and check my blood pressure and my weight. The doctor ask if i sleep enough like 5 hours, i said yes but i was lying..i didnt sleep enough.. sorry. After done all the checking i lay down at one of the bed. I got something before that and i saw my friends near the exit door. They all asking me if they can have the thing that i get. Lol i said "Nope, cant. Unless u donate ur blood first =b". Then there's another one from my classmate took a pic of me without me notice. Gee...why not take a photo of my blood instead. After done, the nurse wants me to sit and she asking me if i feel dizzy. I said i'm fine but she wants me to lay a bit because i look kinda pale. Really, i feel ok. After for like 10 minutes she ask me again. I answer the same thing then she said lay again and take away the pillow below my head and put it under my legs. She said i don't look well, but really, I'm fine.

After like 20 minutes then i can get up and sit near there and wait untill they can let me go. Aha! Payback time! He took my pic then i took his! Lol. Another one from other classmate doing somthing to my housemate. Reading surah "Yassin". She's not dead yet! LOL. We all laugh while looking at him doing that to her. After that, we all go to college's cafe. I don't have any appetite to eat, and my friend force me to buy something to eat so i won't feel any headache. Yea, i listen to her and buy something. While that, my friend open an anime in my External Hard Drive, at that time i ask him to put the video trailer inside my hard drive.

Now for today's entry

Still sleep late, was trying to finish the documentation. Today's got quiz for Digital Animation @_@. After class, there's 3 hours gap so me and my friends go to McD to continue the work. Wifi there is bad <_<

Class start at 2:30 PM so we're going out early to go to the printing shop. After print, we're going to college. I just found out that that thing need to be submit next week <_<

oh well, at least we finish it (cover page still not done yet *swt*)

Draw with Me

The song by Otsuka Ai - Cherish

animation by

it's really sad's the best animation

mcm mcm hal berlaku, derma darah esok

Yep, derma darah. Kalau pergi esok, ni kali kedua menderma. Jarum nya mmg besar...sem lepas kena cucuk dua kali sbb lengan kanan rasa sakit, nurse tu lak salah cucuk. Kena la cucuk kat lengan kiri lak. Hmm..rasanya sempat, mungkin tak sbb kelas lagi..aduhai....

Hari ni ada kelas CS2 dan Pwww, tapi Miss Miera yg ajar Pwww cancel kelas jadi CS2, Pn Hayati amik alih. Kelas dari kul 10:30 AM patutnya kat kelas Lr 12 tapi ada budak kelas lain guna. Kelam kabut cari kelas, dah tu ada yg tak dtg. Tu pun kena call mereka. (Nak habiskan kredit kitorg la tu) Dpt call sorg, tapi terkejut lak sbb tak tau ada kelas. Yg lagi sorg ni lagi la, "Amaran keras, Pn nak suruh ko dtg cepat. Ni Amaran one" hahaa..amaran la konon nya tu. Dah mcm askar dah ni. Boleh la join kem tentera la yek?
Dah tu lak lepas sejam ada budak kelas Miss Shakura nak guna kelas tu.. adui, kena gerak cari kelas lain. Dpt kelas terus sambung wat mind map chapter 3. Time Pn terangkan kat dpn, ada la budak blakang skali wat bising. Mana taknya Pn bengang gila, Aku lak duk dpn Pn, rasa lain mcm..dah habis kelas, lepas Pn kluar diorg membebel pasal Pn. sbb kena marah. Dah salah senyap je la watpe nak bising lagi. Menyampah tul tgk diorg.

Habis kelas kena gi hall utk sesi pengambaran , dah mcm time skolah la plak...amik gambar, masuk dlm majalah kolej. Minggu depan plak ada sesi pengambaran mentor mentee... Alamak, Pn. Mai...dah la tak hadir jamuan Isnin lepas >_<

Hari ni rasa tak bermaya sgt, tak cukup tidur....macam macam perkara berlaku dua tiga menjak ni.....makan tak lalu....haih..

Final Exam

Final exam is near..2 more weeks, on 6 April. Most of the projects had done only Animation left. After all done there's no need to worry about studying for final but then again, i'm worried about some subjects.

I feel like something has change. I dont know why but maybe something had happen?

sorry, i'm talking in malay now

Ramai junior akan mendaftar bulan 7 nanti tapi kemungkinan budak sem4 dan 5 kena kluar dari asrama. Gila ke apa? Duit asrama pun dah naik. Mmg nak duit je kolej ni. Duit asrama lak dari 600 lebih terus naik sampai 900. Kalau nak duk luar mmg susah skit. Takut kena pecah masuk ke..kena gangguan ke... Transport pun satu hal gak. Kalau takde transpot susah nak gi Kolej

Banyak sgt masalah, tak boleh tidur...

Ntah sejak akhir akhir ni, sgt stress, keje semua nak kena hantar dlm masa terdekat. Nak buat mcm mana kan? Dah lumrah kehidupan seorg pelajar... Adik pula sudah memasuki skolah teknik di Melaka, agaknya mcm mana sekeluarga di KL yek? harap diorg ok... Udin dpt keputusan cemerlang dan harap dpt masuk Matriks... Bila pikirkan balik, kalau adik adik dah mula belajar berdikari, tinggal la adik sorg kat rumah. Mesti sunyi rumah tu... Hahaa..time camni la teringat kat keluarga... kalau boleh cpt cpt la masa berlalu, masuk bulan 4.... nak balik...

Tambah plak ngan masalah kwn...agak menyakitkan hati. Disbbkan satu mslh aku pun terlibat. Apa nak jadi ngan diorg la agaknya... time busy, time tu la ada masalah. Sudah. Aku dah tak tahan lagi... Apa nak jadi, jadi la.... Tambahan lagi ngan masalah lain, aku terasa aku telah berbuat salah tapi tak tahu......aku cuma berharap utk meminta maaf jika aku ada buat silap tapi..ntah....aku tak rasa sedap hati..... Harap harap masa berlalu.....

Mak, Ayah......kak long rindu sgt.....

Tanpa video dan lirik

just a vid and it's lyric..nothing much. (takde keje nak buat..saje je post video)
I like this vid so much and the ending really sad

Resah yang kuUbah dalam kata
Melukiskan kesunyian
Tanpa engkau aku tak mengerti
MeskiPagi itu menatapi
Akan sunyi tanpamu
Menemani aku sepi

Chorus :
Tanpa..Cintamu aku resah
Tanpa..Kasihmu aku hampa
Tanpa..Dirimu aku mati

Tanpa..Cintamu aku resah
Tanpa..Kasihmu aku hampa
Tanpa..Dirimu aku mati

Kini benar-benarku rasakan
Dalam benuk hatiku tanpamu
aKu tak mengerti
Takut jauh dari dirimu
Kan kau tinggalkan aku sendiri
Tanpamu ku mati

Resah yang kuUbah dalam kata
Melukiskan kesunyian
Tanpa engkau aku tak mengerti

Chorus :
Tanpa..Cintamu aku resah
Tanpa..Kasihmu aku hampa
Tanpa..Dirimu aku mati

Tanpa..Cintamu aku resah
Tanpa..Kasihmu aku hampa
Tanpa..Dirimu aku mati

Feel down lately

Lately i feel down 2 days ago... I dont know why though... I just express my feelings into my arts and i feel sad, tears came out. Well, i did cry a bit that day, in front of my siblings but i hide it, they didn't know. I try not to let anyone know.... but..someone did notice. I just don't want to make anyone worried about me.

What Phantom said that day really hurts me..a lot...i just off from the chatbox so no more words will hurt me more but still.... I become very emotional thru words... Maybe i wasn't strong enough but i try not to be so weak.... I try to understand myself more. Yesterday Phantom trying to apologize to me and i accept it. It's not his fault though... maybe what he says is right...

*sigh* Having a good talent.... I dont like to be better than anyone even my friends... Nothing makes me feel better that day except drawing and singing...

I shouldnt be like that, i got to stop thinking so negative. *sigh* Works too many...

Too busy

Been busy with 3 projects lately. For web design, short drama and animation. For now gonna finish the short drama first. It's tiring. But then i have to finish color the scenes for animation. *sigh* too much work.

Today there's only one class and that is DAV (Digital Audio and Video). There supposed to be Accounting but the class has been canceled so got free time after DAV class. Woa, the class was just half and hour!? o.o Chapter 7 was really short...

oh well, got too much free time so we decide to go to mall to buy some things for our video project. One thing that if i walk in front of AnimeTech..i would likely to go in and end up buying some anime stuff so i remind my friend not to walk near there XD

In the end, i bought new clothes with my friend. There this one new clothes design that i want to try. I go to the fitting room and try it out. Turn out to be S size so's not like it wont fit but... *swt* I just choose the L size. I laughing there XDD

Hmm...i need to find a better blog template

Happy Valentine's Day =D

Happy Valentine's Day especially to my honey, Ji. I love you!

Today was really tired, got back from Lumut. Was going there to take a shot of scenery and it's for my storyboard that need to be submit next week on Monday. My lecturer inform us really late and we all have to do it quick. My grooup is doing a short drama title 'Kehidupan Life's Band' / '"Life's Band" life'.

After doing that we play at the beach for while and i saw a horse XD. I really wanna ride it. Me and my friend go to the person and ask if i can have a ride. The horse's name is 'Putera', means prince. At first, i really can't climb on it. The horse is too tall and yea, i'm short anyway. So, i have to climb on something to get on it's back. It's really scary at first, the horse doesn't want to move and the person trying to move it and teach me how to control it. He then walk in front of the horse and start to move. At first i feel like i wanna fall soon but i try to get balance and control it. It's really fun but at the same time i feel embarrased because many people saw me riding it ^^;.

Sometime's the horse is walking fast and kinda panic a bit but i'm alright. That horse is big =D. Wish i can ride it again. Oh, before finish ride, it walk infront of some boys hanging there and one of them said "Hey! If u scared better not ride it! ". <_<.>

After finish riding, we're going to somewhere near a kid's playground. I play there and feels like i'm back to my childself again (I really miss my childhood past). I'm childish anyway XD. I play the swing and i still remember first time play with that when i was a little and my dad leave me so i can play and watch me from a far. I'm crying at that time though ^^;. I play the swing, i swing it high enough and i jump XD. Land safely then suddenly my feet hurts T~T damn.
Ok, end of journal~

ada skandal?

Aku tak tau sapa yg sebarkan hal yg tak berapa betul dan tanpa bukti yg aku couple ngan kwn baik aku. Padahal kami berdua bersama sebab hal kerja dan bukannya hal lain. Memang la kami selalu jer berdua tapi tak semestinya yg aku ada apa apa dengan die. Benda yg kami bincang pun pasal kerja, masalah kami dan kami ni sekelas. Salah ke berdua aje?? Jika benda begini berterusan aku terpaksa jauhkan diri aku dari die......lebih teruk, terpaksa putuskan persahabatan dengan die. Aku tau la....aku memang begini....perasaan aku takde sapa yg tau melainkan kwn rapat aku. Aku jarang ceritakan masalah aku dgn sesiapa walaupun kwn baik. Kenapa? Kenapa percaya sgt dengan kata org lain? tiada bukti jgn la nak kata yg org ni couple dgn org tu padahal takde apa apa pun. Skarang ni aku rasa sedih sgt......

Lagipun aku dah berpunya..jadi buat pe aku nak cari yg lain??? ...mungkin aku ditakdirkan begini.........mungkin sbb itulah aku kurang sgt berkwn dgn budak lelaki...takut sgt dgn skandal dan gossip.....tapi aku takut berseorangan tanpa teman......nak buat macam mana....aku benci bila org lain dtg dan berkata " ko dan die camne?" "die tak marah ke kalau budak lain dkt dgn ko?" Sori la.....aku tak suka. Aku tak mahu kecohkan lagi keadaan tapi nak buat mcm mane kalau org tu selalu sebarkannya kpd kwn kwnnya yg lain. Terus terang aku ckp, kalau aku jumpa pun, org tu takkan tau apa aku nak buat dgn die. Tolong jgn jadikan benda ni jadi lebih serius. Kalau ada org tanya lagi pasal aku dgn die aku peduli apa? KAMI BERDUA HANYA KAWAN DAN TIADA LAGI YANG LEBIH DARI ITU.

so long o.o

It's been a while i didnt update my blog here XDD

oh well, my mid term exam has end and there's still some project that needs to be finish.

I'm still tired as usual... XD;


Lately i've been busy with assignments such as doing animation, meeting and all.....and it makes my head hurts. 2 days past and still having headache. Now adding with my friends problem and mine it might become worse. But still i have to concentrate in my assignments and mid exam might be this end of month. New Year sure has many work.

Important things i have to keep healthy and smile always. That's what i always do. Hope to see other people's smile and be happy always. But sometimes i don't care about myself and I'm trying to hide it but really..if i hide it sooner or later someone will find out. I still having headache. I hope i can draw and color again but lately i don't have a mood to draw or color in photoshop though i have install new software name Open Canvas.

Doodle in Team Rockman's chatbox is the only place for me to doodle but sometimes some people came and draw on top of it. That's because they didn't see it after they got access into the doodle. I know who doodle it but no one will be honest anyway and think that i didn't know. The doodle thing has something, if people doodle on top their name will appear there.

I have been watching "Shugo Chara!" with my friend. Too many funny moments about Amu with Ikuto. I really got addicted to it. Too many shiny things during transformation. I really like Amulet Spade a lot because of her skills. In arts. It reminds me a lot with some anime like Card Captor Sakura. The weird is some people didnt like it's anime due to some things and even keep asking the same thing what the anime is. Shugo Chara! information already at wikipedia but still asking and that somewhat makes me mad a bit.

I feel like my mood always change depends on the situation. Maybe i'm too tired or maybe it just me that i feel like i want to mad at someone.

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