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Too busy

Been busy with 3 projects lately. For web design, short drama and animation. For now gonna finish the short drama first. It's tiring. But then i have to finish color the scenes for animation. *sigh* too much work.

Today there's only one class and that is DAV (Digital Audio and Video). There supposed to be Accounting but the class has been canceled so got free time after DAV class. Woa, the class was just half and hour!? o.o Chapter 7 was really short...

oh well, got too much free time so we decide to go to mall to buy some things for our video project. One thing that if i walk in front of AnimeTech..i would likely to go in and end up buying some anime stuff so i remind my friend not to walk near there XD

In the end, i bought new clothes with my friend. There this one new clothes design that i want to try. I go to the fitting room and try it out. Turn out to be S size so's not like it wont fit but... *swt* I just choose the L size. I laughing there XDD

Hmm...i need to find a better blog template

Happy Valentine's Day =D

Happy Valentine's Day especially to my honey, Ji. I love you!

Today was really tired, got back from Lumut. Was going there to take a shot of scenery and it's for my storyboard that need to be submit next week on Monday. My lecturer inform us really late and we all have to do it quick. My grooup is doing a short drama title 'Kehidupan Life's Band' / '"Life's Band" life'.

After doing that we play at the beach for while and i saw a horse XD. I really wanna ride it. Me and my friend go to the person and ask if i can have a ride. The horse's name is 'Putera', means prince. At first, i really can't climb on it. The horse is too tall and yea, i'm short anyway. So, i have to climb on something to get on it's back. It's really scary at first, the horse doesn't want to move and the person trying to move it and teach me how to control it. He then walk in front of the horse and start to move. At first i feel like i wanna fall soon but i try to get balance and control it. It's really fun but at the same time i feel embarrased because many people saw me riding it ^^;.

Sometime's the horse is walking fast and kinda panic a bit but i'm alright. That horse is big =D. Wish i can ride it again. Oh, before finish ride, it walk infront of some boys hanging there and one of them said "Hey! If u scared better not ride it! ". <_<.>

After finish riding, we're going to somewhere near a kid's playground. I play there and feels like i'm back to my childself again (I really miss my childhood past). I'm childish anyway XD. I play the swing and i still remember first time play with that when i was a little and my dad leave me so i can play and watch me from a far. I'm crying at that time though ^^;. I play the swing, i swing it high enough and i jump XD. Land safely then suddenly my feet hurts T~T damn.
Ok, end of journal~

ada skandal?

Aku tak tau sapa yg sebarkan hal yg tak berapa betul dan tanpa bukti yg aku couple ngan kwn baik aku. Padahal kami berdua bersama sebab hal kerja dan bukannya hal lain. Memang la kami selalu jer berdua tapi tak semestinya yg aku ada apa apa dengan die. Benda yg kami bincang pun pasal kerja, masalah kami dan kami ni sekelas. Salah ke berdua aje?? Jika benda begini berterusan aku terpaksa jauhkan diri aku dari die......lebih teruk, terpaksa putuskan persahabatan dengan die. Aku tau la....aku memang begini....perasaan aku takde sapa yg tau melainkan kwn rapat aku. Aku jarang ceritakan masalah aku dgn sesiapa walaupun kwn baik. Kenapa? Kenapa percaya sgt dengan kata org lain? tiada bukti jgn la nak kata yg org ni couple dgn org tu padahal takde apa apa pun. Skarang ni aku rasa sedih sgt......

Lagipun aku dah berpunya..jadi buat pe aku nak cari yg lain??? ...mungkin aku ditakdirkan begini.........mungkin sbb itulah aku kurang sgt berkwn dgn budak lelaki...takut sgt dgn skandal dan gossip.....tapi aku takut berseorangan tanpa teman......nak buat macam mana....aku benci bila org lain dtg dan berkata " ko dan die camne?" "die tak marah ke kalau budak lain dkt dgn ko?" Sori la.....aku tak suka. Aku tak mahu kecohkan lagi keadaan tapi nak buat mcm mane kalau org tu selalu sebarkannya kpd kwn kwnnya yg lain. Terus terang aku ckp, kalau aku jumpa pun, org tu takkan tau apa aku nak buat dgn die. Tolong jgn jadikan benda ni jadi lebih serius. Kalau ada org tanya lagi pasal aku dgn die aku peduli apa? KAMI BERDUA HANYA KAWAN DAN TIADA LAGI YANG LEBIH DARI ITU.

so long o.o

It's been a while i didnt update my blog here XDD

oh well, my mid term exam has end and there's still some project that needs to be finish.

I'm still tired as usual... XD;