Sounds of Waves

Blog utk diriku meluahkan segalanya di hati serta hobiku

Projects need to finish and Mid Term Exam is near O_O;;

Talk about projects...yea..busy -__-;;

Everyday busy and I was answering a Ryuusei no Rockman meme while color my projects. But suddenly one of my housemate off my laptop power and I was like...shock and down for a bit...I didn't save tha meme and I draw Subaru and Misora really good and nice and of course first time draw Tsukasa T_T... need to do again but I have to do it in weekends......

Mid Term Exam next week...maybe at 4th or 5th September and birthday is on 4th.... O_O

Lookie Misora cosplaying as Meiru! I have a lot of idea to draw while I'm bored and had nothing to do. ^^ I will color this after the exam ^^;