Sounds of Waves

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New wallpaper of Misora from RnR3!!

yay! New one! X3

And it's Misora!! XD

can be found in RnR3 official site http//

too many works to do

Well, now I know how to design my own site now..probably will change the name of the site too.

Too many projects to do and it makes me tired and...feel not well.
I feel want to sleep~


A lot things happen this week. Well, the host where I upload all my html files for my site has gone and apparently the problem is thier hardware and I might need to redesign my site and upload it back if they cant recover back my files.

Before I can rebuild back my site I will use blog for the meantime and....looks like my laptop still at the repair shop. ahahaa...gonna be late finishing my project though.