Sounds of Waves

Blog utk diriku meluahkan segalanya di hati serta hobiku


Lately i've been busy with assignments such as doing animation, meeting and all.....and it makes my head hurts. 2 days past and still having headache. Now adding with my friends problem and mine it might become worse. But still i have to concentrate in my assignments and mid exam might be this end of month. New Year sure has many work.

Important things i have to keep healthy and smile always. That's what i always do. Hope to see other people's smile and be happy always. But sometimes i don't care about myself and I'm trying to hide it but really..if i hide it sooner or later someone will find out. I still having headache. I hope i can draw and color again but lately i don't have a mood to draw or color in photoshop though i have install new software name Open Canvas.

Doodle in Team Rockman's chatbox is the only place for me to doodle but sometimes some people came and draw on top of it. That's because they didn't see it after they got access into the doodle. I know who doodle it but no one will be honest anyway and think that i didn't know. The doodle thing has something, if people doodle on top their name will appear there.

I have been watching "Shugo Chara!" with my friend. Too many funny moments about Amu with Ikuto. I really got addicted to it. Too many shiny things during transformation. I really like Amulet Spade a lot because of her skills. In arts. It reminds me a lot with some anime like Card Captor Sakura. The weird is some people didnt like it's anime due to some things and even keep asking the same thing what the anime is. Shugo Chara! information already at wikipedia but still asking and that somewhat makes me mad a bit.

I feel like my mood always change depends on the situation. Maybe i'm too tired or maybe it just me that i feel like i want to mad at someone.