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RnR Official Guide Book

Seriously why i collect RnR related lately? lol I even ask Yuu~chan to order Misora card for me. XD
Gonna buy "Battle Black Box" too or RnR 2 Guide Book

on 21th May, going out to KLCC with my friend, Yuu~chan and my little bro to go watch a movie "Night at the Museum 2". Seriously i laugh, its so damn funny lol I love the little guy fighting XDDD I cant stop laughing now XDDD

hahaa havent go watch a movie with my friends since my last time here but now its sem break so i guess i can go out anywhere but....part time job T_T (Monday till Friday)

on 22th May, I got my first salary lol XD. I was like yesterday i'm broke and now i'm not XDD Really hope to wait for any news regarding the card from my friend. Soooooo excited XDD

on 23th May, Go back to Melaka to send my little bro back, since he is healthy now so he have to go to school back. *sigh* He play Pokemon Platinum all day and my mom mad ==;; But damn, the kid who bully my little bro is not there *sigh* Wish i can teach them a lesson for throwing my little bro into the fish pond. Oh well, if it happens again, my mom will call the police. Hope he can study well there and no bullying or else....


ancode May 25, 2009 at 6:36 AM  

I see XD I was searching the Ryuusei rockman art book (complete works) today in internet but I didnt find a place to get it O.o Oh well i will keep on trying.

I want to see that movie XD I like a lot the main character (that actor makes lots of funny movies XD).

Rocknote May 27, 2009 at 4:07 PM  

Official guide book and Misora card... T_T

I did want to watch with you if I was able to at that time. ==a You were laughing so...terrific somehow. o_o;

If still happens again... (I always wanted to do this) Go! Palmtop Tiger! Use Bite atk on the bully!

Najwah May 30, 2009 at 9:34 PM  

I see u can try other like e-capcom XD