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WARNING : RANT List complete in Project Diva game and others bla bla bla

gah!! since i cant finish it because that PSP is not mine and i hope i can complete all in the game. Nothing much just want to make a list here. Don't mind the list but not sure why u all wanna comment here? it just a list and something else >_<

Ok, i finish almost all in PROJECT DIVA HAHAHAA. *insane*
I manage to get all PERFECT in Normal mode (yea, i pass the hardest song) And in Hard mode, there's 5 songs i havent got PERFECT yet. Costume and Gallery also COMPLETE. But seriously the more i play, the more i dislike some of the song since its not Rin OR Len song. Just the Arano to Mori to Mahou no Uta and Inochi no Uta (both by ToraborutaP/Travolta-P).

I seriously WANT Rin and Len version for Project Diva but they not gonna make it because Miku always get the attention. *sigh* Oh, AND MEIKO, KAITO and Luka need to get attention too especially Gakupo and GUMI. I LOVE THEM I ALMOST LOVE ALL OF THEM.

I mostly like songs composed by ryo (he's famous), Dios-Signal-P, Torabouta-P, monthy and MORE. I wish to listen to Asami Shimoda sing Rin and Len songs, SINCE SHE IS THE VOICE ACTOR OF RIN AND LEN YAY!! (i know some people dont wanna know who because all u care is the vocaloid right? without the voice actor who are they?)

Now they have new comer (its already February and now u gonna list them here?)

SF-A2 Miki: Japanese female (December 4, 2009)
Kaai Yuki: Japanese female (December 4, 2009)
Hiyama Kiyoteru: Japanese male (December 4, 2009)
Newest was Tonio, an English Male

For now i like Miki songs but havent listen to Yuki and Kiyoteru yet. Yuki is so young, she's kindergarten kid. Hope i will listen to it someday.

Oh and OMG, someone use Nami's voicebank (my voice sample) and make her first ORIGINAL SONG like other UTAU. But surprisingly its a band called Jam Band. One of my friend told me that they're from the same company who released Miki, Yuki and Kiyoteru... I didnt expect that she will get her own song. Its a short song called 春待ちうた .

Now for Luka's song called La Pucelle! I LOVE HER SONG! AND OMG ITS BY DIOS-SIGNAL P

ok, end of my vocaloid rant. Now i feel better

Ok now what? Oh yea, This sem there's too many work that involves 2500 WORDS. Hope i can SURVIVE THIS SEM!

ah yea, if someone spam my blog again, i'm gonna make this blog a private. JUST FOR ME. I seriously had enough with all SPAM AND talking bad about WHAT I LIKE. ITS MY LIKING AND NOT YOURS SO WHY YOU CARE? IF U WANT TO RANT GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND TELL THE VOCALOID COMPANY ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU HATE THEM.