Sounds of Waves

Blog utk diriku meluahkan segalanya di hati serta hobiku

Projects need to finish and Mid Term Exam is near O_O;;

Talk about projects...yea..busy -__-;;

Everyday busy and I was answering a Ryuusei no Rockman meme while color my projects. But suddenly one of my housemate off my laptop power and I was like...shock and down for a bit...I didn't save tha meme and I draw Subaru and Misora really good and nice and of course first time draw Tsukasa T_T... need to do again but I have to do it in weekends......

Mid Term Exam next week...maybe at 4th or 5th September and birthday is on 4th.... O_O

Lookie Misora cosplaying as Meiru! I have a lot of idea to draw while I'm bored and had nothing to do. ^^ I will color this after the exam ^^;

Misora new wallpaper and the last one!

So happy with the last new wallpaper of Misora name Summer vacation and use it as my dekstop background XD

These days I've been lazy to do my works O.O
Meh, I can finish it and no problem! I hope so.... >_<

Today's entry

I buy 2 new anime DVD! Detective Conan the Movie 11 and Rockman EXE the movie. ^^
There's many I want to buy but need to save more money ^^;

And...need to finish the assignments ^^;; *darn..I hate it*

I need to finish the gift art too....

Yay! Banner for the blog is finish!


Too much things to do today......first thing to do is to get that art gift done fast! And my other 3 assignments.....oh well. I can finish it but some of it is hard to finish especially using Macr. Director. I'm not good at it plus the way my lecturer teach is like reading a book. Yea..more confusing.......

I hope I can try learn it by myself but the configuration for it is making me confuse already.....


emm...yea, I will be back to my hometown for 4 days. Too much assignments need to be done owo;;

and Reka-chan's birthday is at 24th August, tha means 5 days left! OwO

I even draw a sketch for her and will be done before her birthday >w<

2 new face pic for my Megaman Starforce 2 game. From the left is Zerker and right is Saurian. And yea, the saurian one I use Meiru mugshot from BN6 and then edit it into Misora >w<