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Too busy

Been busy with 3 projects lately. For web design, short drama and animation. For now gonna finish the short drama first. It's tiring. But then i have to finish color the scenes for animation. *sigh* too much work.

Today there's only one class and that is DAV (Digital Audio and Video). There supposed to be Accounting but the class has been canceled so got free time after DAV class. Woa, the class was just half and hour!? o.o Chapter 7 was really short...

oh well, got too much free time so we decide to go to mall to buy some things for our video project. One thing that if i walk in front of AnimeTech..i would likely to go in and end up buying some anime stuff so i remind my friend not to walk near there XD

In the end, i bought new clothes with my friend. There this one new clothes design that i want to try. I go to the fitting room and try it out. Turn out to be S size so's not like it wont fit but... *swt* I just choose the L size. I laughing there XDD

Hmm...i need to find a better blog template