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Yesterday and Today's entry

I forgot to post about yesterday entry but i was too tired and too busy finishing the art and Pwww Documentation.

Yesterday Entry - 19 July 2009

I sleep really late, and woke up around 7. Class starts at 9:00 AM. There's quiz and i haven't read any yet so i just try to memorize some. At least i can answer a bit rather than leave it blank. Class end early so i just rush to the next room to donate my blood. Kinda early, i was a 2nd person there.

After fill in the form that they gave me i go to the table and check my blood pressure and my weight. The doctor ask if i sleep enough like 5 hours, i said yes but i was lying..i didnt sleep enough.. sorry. After done all the checking i lay down at one of the bed. I got something before that and i saw my friends near the exit door. They all asking me if they can have the thing that i get. Lol i said "Nope, cant. Unless u donate ur blood first =b". Then there's another one from my classmate took a pic of me without me notice. Gee...why not take a photo of my blood instead. After done, the nurse wants me to sit and she asking me if i feel dizzy. I said i'm fine but she wants me to lay a bit because i look kinda pale. Really, i feel ok. After for like 10 minutes she ask me again. I answer the same thing then she said lay again and take away the pillow below my head and put it under my legs. She said i don't look well, but really, I'm fine.

After like 20 minutes then i can get up and sit near there and wait untill they can let me go. Aha! Payback time! He took my pic then i took his! Lol. Another one from other classmate doing somthing to my housemate. Reading surah "Yassin". She's not dead yet! LOL. We all laugh while looking at him doing that to her. After that, we all go to college's cafe. I don't have any appetite to eat, and my friend force me to buy something to eat so i won't feel any headache. Yea, i listen to her and buy something. While that, my friend open an anime in my External Hard Drive, at that time i ask him to put the video trailer inside my hard drive.

Now for today's entry

Still sleep late, was trying to finish the documentation. Today's got quiz for Digital Animation @_@. After class, there's 3 hours gap so me and my friends go to McD to continue the work. Wifi there is bad <_<

Class start at 2:30 PM so we're going out early to go to the printing shop. After print, we're going to college. I just found out that that thing need to be submit next week <_<

oh well, at least we finish it (cover page still not done yet *swt*)

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The song by Otsuka Ai - Cherish

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it's really sad's the best animation