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Feel down lately

Lately i feel down 2 days ago... I dont know why though... I just express my feelings into my arts and i feel sad, tears came out. Well, i did cry a bit that day, in front of my siblings but i hide it, they didn't know. I try not to let anyone know.... but..someone did notice. I just don't want to make anyone worried about me.

What Phantom said that day really hurts me..a lot...i just off from the chatbox so no more words will hurt me more but still.... I become very emotional thru words... Maybe i wasn't strong enough but i try not to be so weak.... I try to understand myself more. Yesterday Phantom trying to apologize to me and i accept it. It's not his fault though... maybe what he says is right...

*sigh* Having a good talent.... I dont like to be better than anyone even my friends... Nothing makes me feel better that day except drawing and singing...

I shouldnt be like that, i got to stop thinking so negative. *sigh* Works too many...


B.Otacon March 10, 2009 at 9:24 AM  

Dear Najwah

It is indeed a sad artwork. Judging from what you said. Someone had badly criticize you
about one of your artwork and it
really hurt you. And right now you're having some doubt about it. If it make you feel better. You're a amazing artist and I wish you to
do not give up on your wonderful work.

Drawing a art and making a fan fiction is kinda the same thing. They are other who are better than us but all we want is to do something we are proud of.

When I started my fan fiction. I had all the information I needed to make the story. All I wanted is to make a original storyline for that situation as long as I am faithful to the game storyline. I made several mistake such as making sentence that look like a SubaruXLuna and my fanfic was all about SubaruXMisora. I did a lot of redo to make it perfect. I gave you the three chapters. Around November and december. I started to be nervous and I read it. I was depress and I consider it as a failure until I spook to you during February. You said my fic is really good and you gave me a encouragement to continue it. So I had to thank you once more. so thank you Najwah. You see I came back on track and continuing my work so if someone gave you a bad comment. Forget about it and continue. We make mistake but that doesn't mean we can't improve.

Speaking about my fanfic. I finish chapter 4 which is the ending to Luna cooking mini mission. But I haven't change the format. I currently do chapter 5 and I run out of idea. I tried to describe a romantic scene between Subaru and Misora at Vista point watching the stars. I got a idea but it seem than I can't found the right words to describe the scene. I can still send it to you if you're still interested to read them. I can wait hear is you like them but do take your time. I not forcing you. It seem then I do that saying that same old sentence. that a habit of mine.

Nazirah_Turtle March 12, 2009 at 11:23 PM  

ko rsa down sbb pe ni?
1 je sikap ko kan..ko sorok..nape tak luahkan je..luahkn tu leh buat ko rasa sikit tenang..:)