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Accounting paper

I studying accounting for like starting at 12 midnight, I'm trying to do the exercise but later then i can't do it and can't even remember its formula. I can't remember how to do it. I try to call my friend and then i cried later because i feel like i can't do it. Because i don't have anyone to study with and thus i feel scared if i can't do it. I losing myself but then my friend wants me to be calm and thinking how to solve it. Try to do the easy part. I was stressed up and my head hurts. I try to solve it calmly and ask him many things that i don't remember. After thinking that maybe i can try to answer the paper later, i trying to rest for like 1 hour. But i can't sleep and i sleep for about 10 minutes.

Paper start at 9 AM. I was like nervous, what if the question was too hard and i can't answer it?
I just walk in the hall and trying to think back the formula and everything i have learned so far.

Emm...well, i just do the hard way first starting with part B. I can answer some questions confidently and its balance (but somehow the question was the same and i didn't get balance). After done answering, i submit it early. Didn't expect that the paper was the same from last year -__-;;