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Something that happen last night..

Or should i say early in the morning?

I dont get it....i'm trying to help my friend to keep doing her best in art things but why must be something that's making it worse? I'm willing to sacrifice anything just not to break any friendship... I'm might be stupid to do so but that's the way i am. With my talent I AM NOT AT THE TOP STAIRS. I'M JUST THE BETWEEN. NO ONE EVER TRYING TO UNDERSTAND ME. NO ONE!!! I don't know, i'm quite mad and sad when i think about it... Whenever talk about arts, i'm always taking it seriously... but i'm glad that there is some of my friends in real life understands me... but i'm always making them worried about me.. I'm sorry... What's more, its my hobby, i know its common to feel jealous but that's what makes me the way i am today. I tried my very best starting from the bottom... I have gone through so many hard things... jealousy, comparison and all. I really hope, my friends who trying their best in arts, not ever give up in everything and i'm willing to help. That's what friends always do no matter what happen.
Cyber world and Real world, they can be connected in some ways, what happen since a few days ago really effect me in real life...

*sigh* It took 13 years for me to get better.. I'f i'm "seal" away my talent...guess it will took for about 1 year or 2 to get it back.... its pain... I would have to blame someone for that..

Hahaa... what am I talking about? I already promise to someone not to "seal" it and others who have support me this far... Mom, dad and friends.....thanks... I will try to achieve my own goal someday...


Tiruvee April 16, 2009 at 10:34 AM  

No one understand you? There are 2 possibilities
1. You're being surreal for putting your stuffs/utterances/deeds, or less in details. That makes people think wrongly
2. Different people means different way of interpretation. Thus, whether you need to talk or discuss with that guy who had the wrong interpretation, you don't need to hesitate to talk, put details and say it all. Even being back-talked, you shouldn't run from it. People talk-back to your utterance since they also care and think about the matter, thus have arguments that wanna be uttered.

Najwah April 16, 2009 at 5:12 PM  

i dont think u know what i'm talking about...

Rocknote April 16, 2009 at 5:38 PM  

1. She didn't being surreal like what you said, she just SHARED what she had with everyone. They thought in different way because they are being negative. She has her own right to do so. She showed what she had gave most of the friends one word, happy, plus, nice. Just blame at the people who thought wrongly.

2. It's true different people have different interpretation since not everyone is optimistic. About the guy, he should think what he did cause her doesn't want to discuss and etc, she did discuss and talk already just the guy didn't accept and keep talking unnecessary things. She didn't run, she doesn't want to talk since no one gets what she said. Plus, even she is being back-talked she still can move forward, I know that the guy who is giving advice also back-talked about her, no doubt. I still want to say, the guy should considerate about own fault first before giving any further advices.

Tiruvee April 17, 2009 at 8:04 AM  

Oh, ok about that
And, lemme say that i can't resist myself to save/pick/download/plunder your arts since they're so good, superb, nice and also downloadable (especially in DA).
I'm only one among the other downloader of your art who confessed about his deed. There're lots other people who also download your arts, and might also spam/put them in another places, without even saying a word about his deed, and stay put in innocent face.

Anonymous April 17, 2009 at 9:00 PM  

to Tiruvee:
you didnt undertand anything. she is trying to open her heart...

But this way of talking that you have, is more like trying to convince that other people thoughts are wrong and yours are right. That is pretty offensive.

You cannot go arround making a fool of others, please.