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Comic Fiesta and UTAU

Finally its almost the day!! Comic Fiesta will be held at :

Date : 19th - 20th December 2009
Venue : Sunway Piramid (not sure which floor)
Time : 10:00 AM - 7:30AM
Tickets : 1 day - RM15
2 days - RM30

I can only go on Saturday since its too far from my home. My mom will take the day off on that day just to send me but she can go somewhere at Sunway Piramid while i go to the event XD
I can't wait to claim a sketch from Lily-nee chan! >w<

About UTAU, its the same program as VOCALOID but the difference is we can make our own just like VOCALOID. I want to make my vocaself, Utaune Nami as one of UTAU. I already start recording for each hiragana but i only record a bit since its too many lol. After record a bit, i tried and her voice almost like Miku! o_o
I should change some parts a bit lol

I upload one of my Rin and Len art at Piapro site.

Rin_Len powerd by ピアプロ

and one person use it for his vid cover here at NicoNico site

surprising really, got a mail about the video. Japanese people really know about credit. Even with many arts he still give credits to each artist who drew the art. Not like some people...


ancode December 21, 2009 at 7:55 PM  

hahaha I see. since I download vocaloid I didnt try it too much. one of this days I want to try with utau, and also to dwonload the other vocaloids.

Japanese people are a bit different, I wont compare them with people you actually know (really, the cultural shock is ... bigger than you expect XD. I find the cultural shock between your culture and mine is important, but nothing in comparation with the japanese people I know XD). is hard to explain.

Nami December 22, 2009 at 7:32 PM  

I finally make my own UTAU. Just that hard to make her sing like i want it XD;