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Twilight New Moon and others

Havent update my blog lately. I finish with my last paper and on sem break for 1 month.

I watch Twilight today at KLCC with my best friend Yuu-chan~. I like Edward and Bella XD. I dunno what to say for this 2nd movie of Twilight, its kinda ok and many scene of WereWolf. The ending was like in the middle of conversation! I Can't wait to watch the 3rd movie of it and wish they would hurry up making the movie >_<

Oh well, at least i can read the novel. Thanks to Yuu-chan fo the PDF file of it and also the 2nd book that i bought from her XD.

Oh yea, Hika and his family from Indonesia came to KL on Friday afternoon and stayed at one of the hotel that's near with my place. I got to meet him at Kinokuniya today XD. And i'm weird with one thing..why a people who first met me have to measure their height with mine? I'know i'm short but dont compare me like that lol. And he's happy that he bought Clannad's Illustration book XD

At Kinokuniya, i found Hatsune Mix manga vol 1. I was like thinking should i buy it or not because there's only 1 of it so its limited. I buy it anyway at least there's an Illustration. I'm more of Kagamine Rin and Len fan so i would like to collect anything that related to them. I'm not really much liking Miku. I'm only like her song.


ROtacon November 29, 2009 at 3:11 AM  

Ah the twilight movie. It's a good
movie. It's not if is a bad movie
but I lost fast interest on it due
to a friend in real life who once he got interest on it he kept on asking numorous weird question that didn't really happen in the movie and it's quite annoying. And I'm not the only one suffering from that. I know a other one.

Guess Hika wanted to know if he bigger than you ^^; Well If I had to meet you or other I woundn't care if you're little or taller. As long as your nicier to me that what matter to me anyway. ^^

How many thing they show about Rin and Len on that illustration book?

Namine November 29, 2009 at 4:21 PM  

I like the movie so much. Its like what most girls would want it XD
Ah, i see. There's some scene's that they didnt put from the novel into the movie.

I will be nice to others but i have a bit problem with communication XD;

The book is mostly a manga of Hatsune Mix. You can read at
The first page until 6 is Illustration but mostly of Miku. I just like the way the artist paint it.

ancode November 29, 2009 at 10:35 PM  

I see, I didnt watch those movies neither read the books yet but I have a lot of friends that are geeks of that saga. I also know people that loved the books but they hate the movies... i will read the books someday but by now its not one of my priorities (lots of books to read XD before it).

All people tend to mesure their height all the time. I am tall, although not very tall, and is unlikely to see people more tall than me althought sometimes I have met people like that. I only try to mesure with others when they are more or less the same height than me xD.

Namine November 30, 2009 at 2:31 AM  

Maybe they like the book more because there's some interesting scenes. There's some good scene from the book they didnt put in the movie though DX

Kinda odd if people keep measuring me with them XD;
I feel so short OTL;;