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New wallpaper from CAPCOM...again...

Again...I'm so dissapointed that it's not a wallpaper that I think it is..oh well, the previous wallpaper shows that Luna's expression more like emo.... seeing more emo Luna in the game...that's rare and looks like she was worried about the earth. I really hope to see more Misora and Subaru in action together though. Both of them are really pretty good team.
Seeing Luna art that's for +18 wonder some fans hate it though. But some people really take it seriously about the relationship for both. Even waste time and do something just for the couple. Fans... even the arts.... why arts though...if the artist wont give the permission to display it at any site but someone still do it.... maybe I should make my own art rules..


B.Otacon November 11, 2008 at 9:47 AM  

Dear Najwah. I may be a stranger to you. But like you a feel disappointed about the newest ryuusei no rockman wallpaper capcom send. And I am deceive also about the other wallpaper. The one with Luna and Megaman (Rockman) in it but after taking a good look at it. I don’t think they show any hint of pairing of them yet. Allow me to explain my point. In the wallpaper it write Get ready to face the ultimate climax. So what is the ultimate climax they’re talking about? If I recall right. There’s been already a wallpaper featuring everyone including the newest character Shidou. Everyone had serious look except Luna who look worry. What she is worry? Perhaps the fate of planet Earth? Who knows. Misora (Sonia)was not really far from Subaru (Geo) with their serious look like they were ready to fight something while Luna stand a little back from the group. Now back to the wallpaper in question. If you look to Megaman face expression. He seem more ready to face the newest evil who threatening the Earth while Luna’s expression seems more like worrying . My guess is she’s not ready to face the ultimate climax. Like you I wish for the third game a lot of Misora and Subaru in action and least Luna scene and I found perhaps proof of more Misora and Geo action in the shooting star rockman 3 project progression wallpaper. There’s one I could easily see Megaman with Harpnote together trying to avoid Goyouda and one who is hard to. It is located below the word shooting. I see Subaru with a smile talking to someone. However we can’t see the person face but the hair style is quite familiar and is isn’t Luna’s weird stylish hair style. I wish I could send those proof to show what I meant. I currently writting a fan fiction about Ryuusei no rockman 2 post game. At start people will think it a Subaru x Luna but my advise is read until the ending because it more then a Subaru X Misora. Well I’m searching people who could review my own personal fan fiction. Go easy on me I don’t expect any good review and probably because how I write or my English anyway. I love your art about Ryuusei no rockman especially the Misora art and I wish to see more Subaru X Misora art but I am not forcing you. Please don’t give up. I think Misora is meant to be together with Subaru because he meant a lot to her and Geo does too for her.

Najwah November 11, 2008 at 2:18 PM  

Dear b.otacon,

oh wow, you really know what you're talking about and I really agree 100%! Subaru and Misora really is meant for each other. Unlike Luna, Subaru only threat her as friend and not more tha n that.
I know which wallpaper you were talking about and I already notice that first. Subaru was happy with Misora and the skecth of Rockman and Harp Note with Goyouda in it too. We don't know unless we play that game first to see how it is.And Lately I draw more arts of Subaru and Misora and I wont give up just because of the wallpaper that doesn't even related to Subaru x Luna.

May I know who you are? Seems like you just register on the blog.

Thanks a lot for the comment! ^_^

Najwah November 11, 2008 at 2:23 PM  

Dear b.otacon,

I forgot to say that I would love to read your fanfic =D

If you can, send me a link to your fanfic here ^^

B.Otacon November 12, 2008 at 11:59 AM  

Dear Najwah,

I am happy to learn then you’re not about to give up and even I think that wallpaper wasn’t related to a pairing anyway and I am happy you’re agree with me at 100%. So I will allow you to know my name. My real name. Not the fake one. Hi I Patrick please to meet you Najwah. Why the fake name? It because I possessed 2 E-mail and one of them have a fake name on it. I using this one to avoid bad comments but I did appreciate your comment Najwah so to your request I introduce myself. I guess you knew what I am taking about the project progression wallpaper. Makes us great analyzer. In my case when what I call the war pairing shipping began. I was conducting some research on my own on several site forums and even comparing people proof to the storyline of the game and I glad my choice came to Geo X Sonia or (Subaru X Misora) and then my idea of creating a fan fiction base on the game storyline came to me like this. I got all the information I needed to make something. I wanted to make a story about the post game in the scene where Geo (Subaru) had to help his friends with their problems. Many thing from that where untold in several forum like the recipe mystery. Luna orders Geo to found the recipe but what kind of recipe that class president needed? (We all know it cookies) Geo had to ask his mother for that and went he return. He gave the recipe to Luna but She gave the cookies but when the cookies was made anyway? Guess Luna did not need any help from him after all or the taste of the cookies. So what do you think about Luna cookies? I think it was a failure anyway due to the bitter fragrance. As for my fan fiction. I still working on it. From the sample of my work I got 32 pages and in the official one ( I mean my work). I am done only 17 pages and I doing the part where Omega-xis convince Geo to help Sonia with her newest song problems and Geo is depress because Luna gave him a bad comment about invading her privacy via her star carrier and he is afraid then the same thing will happen if Sonia learns about Geo method of gaining information as Megaman. In that part Sonia is precious to Geo and he doesn’t want to disappointed her. About the link. The only way for me to send you my fanfic is via my own E-mail at Yahoo. What I need is I link or E-mail adress of your choices. Again thanks for this great comment. I also appreciate it.

Ps: If you need my E-mail adress. Don’t worry I am not going to give you the fake one.

Najwah November 12, 2008 at 2:05 PM  

Dear b.otacon,

oh sure..just send it to my email
and you're welcme ^^

Thanks again for visiting my blog ^^

Anonymous February 6, 2010 at 12:54 AM  

nice, i just brought even more fresh emo backgrounds to my blog