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Blog utk diriku meluahkan segalanya di hati serta hobiku

just updating with some stuff i wanna add

Wish i can color skin better than the one i do right now. It's Misora wear a swim suit from the wallpaper =D

I kinda nervous about the result for final's not out yet and i'm worried already -__-;;
Now what i always do is online, playing games and drawing (damn need to finish all request =3=)
ah wait...wanna play but my bro always play it first and i dont have time to play it.

I watch CSI:Miami season finale...i was like "WTH!? Horatio got murdered and that's it? T_T"
Man...wish there's more CSI series.....


lately I sketch those 2 anywhere.....

hmm...after final exam there's 3 weeks sem break and those time will use to finish all request X_x

Kinda hard, but I still wanna finish it so there's no problem for me.....drawing has always be a part of my life......

I'm not a person life always happy with real friends..because my true friends has always been from the net and I'm not a very good at social. That's why always stay in door..not even knowing what the outside world is...what's have been happening around me....I'm not even sure...
what i did everyday..I always smiles, laugh like a normal person do with no problem but from inside of one knows....I always feel kinda left out but I act like not. I always hide what I truly's because I dont want anyone know and worried about me. I care about friendship and relation..any...more than myself.

.....connection too slow I cant even load any sites right now <_<

2 new wallpapers from CAPCOM and the ROM is out

2 new wallpapers from CAPCOM. Black Ace and Red Joker version. Black Ace wallpaper is cooler. and the ROM has out before it release date and that was a surprising. Well, I download the Black Ace anyway =D Even though there's a noise that I want in Red Joker. The battling stage seems change a bit and I cant wait to see more about Subaru and Misora in it! The story is gonna be a lot interesting. Though it's in Japanese languange anyway ^^;

About the arts....

I have seen some of the arts have been display in some sites with or without the artist permission. Even the artist says "Don't Display" but still they display it without the artist knowing. That is consider as an art thief even they credit it. There's even an art has been crop and change it. THAT'S EVEN MORE OF AN ART THIEF. Changing an artist illustration from their original that is. Like cropping then copy paste the image in other people art or illustration. The worst...change the illustration.... I know how it feels like when you see your art is change from original to the fake one but still got credited. I'm saying this things because I know someone from Japan that has a site already says don't display but I still see there's still an art of them. I have been keeping about this for too long I should just report it to them. That's the only way. The site that I know that still keeping the arts is "When Stars Align" a site full with Subaru x Luna. All I want to say is PLEASE REMOVE IT. GET THE ARTIST PERMISSION FIRST BEFORE UPLOAD IT.

New wallpaper from CAPCOM...again...

Again...I'm so dissapointed that it's not a wallpaper that I think it is..oh well, the previous wallpaper shows that Luna's expression more like emo.... seeing more emo Luna in the game...that's rare and looks like she was worried about the earth. I really hope to see more Misora and Subaru in action together though. Both of them are really pretty good team.
Seeing Luna art that's for +18 wonder some fans hate it though. But some people really take it seriously about the relationship for both. Even waste time and do something just for the couple. Fans... even the arts.... why arts though...if the artist wont give the permission to display it at any site but someone still do it.... maybe I should make my own art rules..

New wallpaper from CAPCOM

I dont like it though....oh well a least I trace it and draw Misora. I wonder when CAPCOM gonna make new wallpaper.....

Exam starts

Start with Database paper...too many theory and I'm not good at it -__-
I can answer Part A and B which is a multiple choices and true or false questions. Still...there's 4 more papers to go.
Let see....on Friday 7/11 is IDTM paper...better prepared.
the art "Dark Saito and Misora~"

Exam next week

Next week OAO
starts on 5th November. Really tiring and too much stress. Havent had enough sleep due to too many projects but its all done now.
Another art of Misora~chan.
requested by Enigma Supernal from DATS.